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It all started with The Manuscript of a Black Caucasian, a title that sent a ripple through the publishing world. The Manuscript opens with Elizabeth at her home in the Bahamas and details heroine Elizabeth’s odyssey through life as trouble and indecision plague her every step of the way. The story is based on the life of “Black Caucasian” author Dorothy E. Miller who once was married to a white man.

Since The Manuscript was first published in 1983, Mrs. Miller has written six sequels, Orchid Island, After Storms on Orchid Island, Second Time Happy, The Color of Hearts, New Jerusalem and Epidemic of Love.  

In the beginning . . .

“I feel like you should have love in your heart each and every day of your life.”  

Author Dorothy E. Miller

The books are set in four major locations where Mrs. Miller has lived throughout her life:The Bahamas; Orchid Island, Florida;  New York City;  New Jersey; Key Biscayne, Florida. The novels are filled with romance, heartbreak, love of family and suspense.

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Nassau and Paradise Island, The Bahamas

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Announcing the sequel to Epidemic of Love!

Labor for Love

This book is full of chills and thrills from the soul rhythm, of mystery magic, of elements of love engineered for Labor for Love, and bits of hurt. Hearts of history and true love can be a challenge and an eye opener.

Empower your love with this book. Labor for Love supports your love with full potential; this book creates a gift guide to love, so shine some light on your love life: a majesty love affair, like autumn at show time and trees in myriad.

The protagonist knew that no one has ever loved her the way Cleave has—a deep-down will to love only her. Love was the stronger thing, and time was the key. Love can’t be taken over. When Cleave returned, he had a purpose in mind, with the possibilities of getting his kids and Elisabeth back in his arms with Labor for Love.

Their “Humpty Dumpty” love affair was put back together again by the works of love. When heart-breaking season comes, here come the pain of tears. The wildest showdown and unforgiven death comes to Elizabeth’s door.