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The Manuscript of a Black Caucasian

Second edition

ISBN 13: 978-1-943597-05-5

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This book details the heroine Elizabeth's odyssey through the early years of her life, starting off in the Bahamas where she has two loves. Which man will she ultimately choose? The father of her baby or the famed actor who stands by her and loves her through all her crises? Follow this brave young heroine as she struggles to regain control of her mind and body after a terrible accident. (Inspired by the author's life)


Orchid Island

Second Edition

ISBN 13:  978-1943597-04-8

Nook  ID: 2940157211288

Just one look and Patrick falls in love with Elizabeth, whose mother has died and left her a millionaire. Life for the couple is beautiful and passion-filled until a deceitful woman lures Patrick away with calculated lies. Can Elizabeth and Patrick discover the truth in time and ultimately find peace on Orchid Island where miracles are known to happen? Orchid Island continues the story of Elizabeth, the intrepid heroine from The Manuscript of a Black Caucasian by Dorothy E. Miller.  (Inspired by the author's life)


After Storms on Orchid Island

Second Edition

Paperback ISBN:  978-1-943595-06-2


This book is the third book based on the author's life and times living as what she describes a Black Caucasian between homes on Orchid Island, Florida and a New Jersey farm. Dorothy E. Miller reveals the love she has for her family in Florida as she tries to live her life as a writer despite dark forces that try to take her reputation as an author away from her. She also recounts how her family on Orchid Island on the Indian River Lagoon lost their homes and family land to greedy developers. Dorothy reveals her devotion to God and family in this true story of love and ultimate triumph over evil.


The Color of Hearts

Second Edition Kindle

Paperback (coming soon)

ISBN 13: 978-1-943597-08-6

The plot thickens in this continuing saga of heroine Elizabeth’s life-- she single-handedly fights against corruption surrounding her home, her family and her neighbors. Set on Orchid Island and Key Biscayne, Florida, this book shows that a person can do anything when God is on their side. All you need is faith, hope, and love to fight the evil ones intent on stealing homes and property.


Second Time Happy


Second Edition Print ISBN 13: 978-0-9638844-6-8


Second Time Happy is the continuing story of Elizabeth and Cleave as they raise their quadruplets. This book features parental love and the upbringing of children, yet it is brimming with romance, adventure, exotic locals, intense emotion and wholesome values. The author says that this book features fundamental facts about the nature, development and care of multiple births. This book contains explicit love scenes.


New Jerusalem

Second Edition, hardcover

ISBN 9780943597024


Love triumphs over evil as Elizabeth picking up the pieces after her heart is broken by the love of her life.  Tragedy and disappointment are part and parcel of Elizabeth’s life as her “city” burns down, just like Sodom and Gomorrah. It starts with a curse on her family—her father is shot in the back as he rescues young Elizabeth from harm, their family home in Florida is seized by greedy land developers, and after Elizabeth writes a popular book, her royalties are stolen, and then she is attacked by thieves and assassins. A pattern of evil is revealed through the deaths of family members: her Caucasian mother is thrown off a horse and dies; her brother is murdered; other family members are threatened.


Epidemic of Love

First Edition

ISBN 978-1-943597-02-4

Torn between two lovers: In this sequel to New Jerusalem, Elizabeth’s first love, Cleave, is back in her life and desires her as much as he ever did, but Elizabeth has moved on. After all, Cleave had cheated on her and left her at the altar, pregnant with his quadruplets.


Now, years later, she is a successful author living a beautiful life with her children and a new man, Bruce, who loves her unconditionally. For the children’s sake, Elizabeth and Bruce welcome Cleave into their lives as the rightful father to her children.


When Bruce goes out of town, Cleave is plagued by his desire for Elizabeth, who is now forbidden to him. Being close to the man she once loved, Elizabeth is tempted by Cleave’s nearness. Yet, there are unfinished issues between the former lovers that must be resolved before either can move forward.  Epidemic of Love is the story of three hearts at a crossroad. Which man will Elizabeth ultimately decide is hers to keep?

All through the tragedies, Elizabeth maintains faith in God, herself, her family, in the possibility of a new love that restores her trust in the goodness of humanity, and she looks forward to living in the safety of a New Jerusalem. But her trials and tribulations are not over. A person from her past returns to stir up old emotions. Will she stay with her new love, or return to the man who disappeared on her and their children years ago? Or can the three of them become friends with Elizabeth's welfare as the glue that holds them together?


From New Jersey to Florida’s picturesque Orchid Island on the Indian River Lagoon where she was born, and on to Miami where she builds a new life, Elizabeth’s story depicts one woman's strength of character, her devotion to God and family and to staying on the course to a new and fulfilling life in her personal New Jerusalem.

For children

In THE LONG SUMMER Zachary, 9 years old, his brothers, and his grandfather, Pa Charles, cut hay together on the Kansas prairie. Pa Charles shows his grandchildren how to use a mowing machine safely. Zachary has two brothers, Howard and John, and a sister, Zebra who is 6.  

When the blade for the mowing machine breaks, Zachary and Zebra go to town to get a  new one, but Zachary is nervous because he is not used to so many people. He is also responsible for his sister’s safety.

ISBN 0-9638844-1-7 Fiction

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On the way back home, Zebra gets lost, and Zachary must look for a sign to tell them where they are in the prairie.  The story tells how they find their way home.


Labor for Love

First Edition

Cleave is back!

The protagonist knows that no one has ever loved Elisabeth the way Cleave has—a deep-down will to love only her. Love is the stronger thing, and time is the key. Love can’t be taken over. When Cleave returns, he had a purpose in mind, with the possibilities of getting his kids and Elisabeth back in his arms with Labor for Love.

Their “Humpty Dumpty” love affair is put back together again by the works of love. When heart-breaking season comes, here comes the pain of tears. The wildest showdown and unforgiven death comes to Elizabeth’s door.